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Wedding Photography for Your Perfect Day

Tanner Henvey Photography was built on the simple desire to bring joy to couples and make their special day as memorable as possible. Having a great experience is priceless on such an important event as a wedding. We've captured our share of wonderful weddings in Lynchburg, and nothing is more gratifying than knowing that those special moments have been forever frozen in time for our clients. Knowing the honor and responsibility of documenting a wedding is the reason why we take extra care in making sure that your special day is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Framing Important Moments

When you're looking for a professional photographer to take care of your Lynchburg, Virginia wedding photography needs, you should give Tanner Henvey Photography a call. We understand the importance of thinking ahead and planning to capture those one of a kind moments. There are so many important moments from the pre-wedding prep to the ceremony and reception and we will be there to preserve it all in the most lovely images that you could ever imagine. We're dedicated to delivering pictures that stand the test of time and take you back to all those happy emotions of that wonderful day.

Capturing Special Little Moments

Great wedding photography isn't just about framing those obvious important moments, but looking out for those special, but unplanned, moments as well. Whether it's an adorable little child dancing on top of daddy’s shoes, capturing the bride or groom gazing lovingly at the other, sneaking a kiss before you cut the cake or the flower girl dumping her rose petals all in one spot. These are the moments that make all the difference and make your wedding a memorable one. Truly, it’s this type of photography that sets us apart from the competition.

Always Watching For That Shot

We absolutely love weddings! There's so much happening at a wedding from the very beginning of the ceremony itself to the celebration afterwards. As a professional photographer, there’s just something exciting about being surrounded by so much activity, it is both invigorating and challenging because we are determined to find that right angle and perfect spot to capture that special moment. We want your wedding day to be captured in the images, just the way you remember it.

Perfect Photography for that Special Day

We want you to cherish your wedding photos for years to come. That’s why we take the time to learn a little about your love story so that we make sure it shines through in the essence of every photo. We can’t tell you how much it means to us to be able to tell your love story through the photos we take. Whether you plan a simple backyard ceremony or a romantic destination wedding, together we will make sure you remember this day as perfect as it was!

So, if you're looking for a high quality professional wedding photographer that meets all the standards mentioned above, then give us a call at (260) 446-5506 and book us today. We are ready and waiting to capture the happiest day of your life.