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Professional Portrait Photography Services

A great photo defines the way you will be remembered.

Quality portrait photography can be truly hard to find. This is one of our favorite types of photography because of the unique challenge and exciting results from a job well done. After all, truly good portrait photography isn't about the camera or really the setting: it's all about you!

The perfect picture to capture one model's personality and beauty will look completely different from the style, setting, and pose of another. Each person is unique with all those special little quirks and eccentricities that make you, well, you. We love working with all of our clients to find that perfect pose, that perfect background, that perfect mood to really bring home a portrait picture that captures the true you.

Not Just Formal

For some people a formal shooting is the best, but that's not always the case. If you think that a portrait shot needs to be stuffy or overly stiff, think again! A good portrait photograph is all about truly capturing the essence of the subject's personality, mood, or both. This can be done with careful location selection, posing, lighting, and using a variety of tools and photographer's tricks to bring out a certain look or feel. Sometimes this even includes a little Photoshop touch to create that "just right" mood or coloring in a shot.

For a rebellious individual we want to capture that bit of spunk. For the thoughtful philosopher we want to capture that feeling of study and meditation. For the nature lover, we want to bring the world to life around them.

We have a wide array of lights, backdrops, and local locations to provide a wide array of options. We take pride in our ability to use our tools, skills, and talent to provide incredible portrait photographs that catch the eye and truly encapsulate what our model (client) is all about.

These aren't your regular photographs, but they are a premium picture option we offer to capture your best look for anyone in and around the Lynchburg, VA area.

Let's Find Your Perfect Portrait Together

A great portrait is a wonderful thing, and we love seeing the excitement in the eyes of our clients when they see the photo or photos that just click. Don't settle for a mediocre shot. Let Tanner Henvey Photography bring out the best you have to offer!

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